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Infrastructure Technologies, LLC provides construction management services throughout all phases of heavy civil private and public sector infrastructure engineering and construction projects including planning, design, procurement, and construction. IT employs experienced construction professionals with extensive “hands on” heavy civil construction experience managing field operations and overall project management on some of the region’s most notable construction projects.   IT’s core services are supported by this experience ensuring our clients receive a unique “contractors perspective” throughout the life of their projects.



Constructability & Value Engineering


IT provides quality services throughout the East Coast region in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware, New York, and Florida and specializes in offering “a Contractor’s Perspective”. We feel it is mission critical to offer construction expertise early on in the design process to facilitate feasible and cost effective engineering alternatives regarding construction sequencing, scheduling, means and methods, equipment resources, movement of traffic, and other elements critical to evaluating successful design alternatives. Design engineers as well as state and local jurisdictions continue to benefit from our “tell it like it is” construction expertise in heavy civil infrastructure construction projects throughout the planning design and construction process.

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Since our start in 2004, IT has gained respect and accolades from our clients who have recognized our expertise in construction methods, scheduling and costs as well as our commitment to arriving at the best possible engineered solution for all stakeholders. Having innovative construction professionals involved throughout the planning and design phases produces a design which can be built efficiently, therefore minimizing costs for the owner as well as maximizing productivity for the contractor. Our reputation for offering an innovative contractor’s perspective for engineering challenges has grown to serve as the primary basis for business development through repeat clients.

Cost Estimating


IT provides a variety of construction cost estimating services. For program management purposes, IT has performed cost reviews and validation of government mega projects, construction contracts and analyzed minority business participation programs.


On a project management level, IT provides detailed construction cost estimates for heavy civil infrastructure projects using construction cost estimating software, the same platform used by many heavy highway construction contracting businesses. As opposed to common bid tabulations analyses, IT prepares detailed construction cost estimates using current actual costs from production rates, labor rates, equipment rates and current materials pricing. We approach construction cost estimates as a contractor would, pricing the work as it would be bid and constructed. IT specializes in heavy highway and infrastructure cost related matters to assist municipalities and owners in the construction contract procurement process. Whether performing traditional bid evaluations or serving as the Independent Cost Estimator (ICE) on newer cutting edge procurement methods in the industry, IT brings decades of construction experience to the table.  IT is has experience with the Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) and CMGC (Construction Manager General Contractor) procurement methods for the Maryland State Highway Administration, The Maryland Transportation Authority, and the Delaware Department of Transportation.


In the legal arena, IT prepares cost estimates and analyses for expert reports in support of legal matters associated with construction and engineering matters including evaluating “what-if” scenarios, comparative construction cost estimates, as well as damages and time-valued cost estimates.

CPM Scheduling


Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling services are offered using Primavera/Oracle products. Our years of construction experience enable IT to produce, maintain, and review design and construction project schedules which are realistic in terms of logic and activity durations. While integrating claims avoidance measures to avoid legal disputes, our approach to scheduling is to apply our contractor’s perspective and analyze the project as if we were going to build the project ourselves. Owners and designers benefit from our unique ability to visualize how a project will be constructed based on our employees’ extensive construction experience working as contractors. IT also routinely provides CPM review and analysis of initial and monthly progress updates for owners and strives to offer guidance and foresight in order to mitigate potential procurement delays and construction claims. This offers assistance with developing comprehensive solutions to successfully manage complex infrastructure construction projects.

Claims Analysis


IT offers claims review and analysis services for heavy civil infrastructure construction projects. In today’s construction arena, changes and delays seem inevitable. IT’s approach to claims and delays is to conduct a thorough review of the documentation and seek resolution at the lowest possible level. If this is not possible, IT will perform extensive research to evaluate and analyze the root cause of the dispute and, if requested, proceed with forensic analyses to prepare or defend the construction claim, always interjecting opportunities to settle disputes before further resources from both sides are expended. If a comprehensive claim or delay analysis is required, IT’s staff of construction professionals will perform detailed research and prepare the claim. IT is proud to have contributed to many claims settled fairly out of court by arming our clients with construction expertise to negotiate fair and timely resolutions.

Construction Inspection


IT offers construction inspection services for heavy highway construction projects and is dedicated to providing quality inspection staffing. Our inspection staff carries certifications through MARTCP, ACI, MDE, MDOT, USDOT, OSHA, and many other certifying agencies. IT embraces those who continually expand knowledge and certifications with safety as our core value.

Project Management


IT assists owners and contractors with Project Management systems to monitor and manage all phases of a construction project. These include document control, schedule development and updating, cost control, QA/QC functions, claims documentation, and construction liaison services. Our extensive hands on experience managing large heavy highway construction projects make IT the ideal choice for helping to manage heavy civil construction projects. In this era of electronic documentation, it is increasingly important to establish and maintain accurate and complete construction documentation.



Legal Support Services


IT has been consulted for specialized assistance in drafting expert reports for legal matters in heavy civil infrastructure construction claims. IT specializes in preparation of detailed reports for construction cost estimates, time-valued cost estimates, estimates of damages, constructability, and forensic review of construction documentation and construction practices and processes for heavy civil infrastructure projects. IT investigates and prepares comprehensive reports of findings in support of legal teams filing or defending heavy civil infrastructure construction projects.



Environmental Review


IT has extensive experience working with designers, owners and regulatory agencies providing constructability and scheduling services on environmental mitigation projects. Our approach to issues such as construction access, equipment selection, means and methods as well as scheduling work around Maryland’s stringent environmental and stream restrictions has been a key component of the design process for numerous stream restoration, wetland restoration and storm water management projects. IT‘s professional and construction-based input has facilitated timely and successful design and procurement in order to meet The Maryland Department of the Environment stream and time restrictions, protect native species and their habitats, minimize destruction of environmentally sensitive areas by reviewing and recommending specialized techniques and construction equipment, and at times, stepping up and saying “there is a better way to do this”. In today’s time sensitive and complicated procurements, owners and designers alike need candid constructability advice from construction professionals who tell it like it is yet understand the sense of urgency and the need for environmental approvals.

Cost Estimating
CPM Scheduling
Claims Analysis
Construction Insp
Project Mgmt
Legal Support
Environmental Review
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