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Environmental Review

IT has extensive experience working with designers, owners and regulatory agencies providing constructability and scheduling services on environmental mitigation projects. Our approach to issues such as construction access, equipment selection, means and methods as well as scheduling work around Maryland’s stringent environmental and stream restrictions has been a key component of the design process for numerous stream restoration, wetland restoration and storm water management projects. IT‘s professional and construction-based input has facilitated timely and successful design and procurement in order to meet The Maryland Department of the Environment stream and time restrictions, protect native species and their habitats, minimize destruction of environmentally sensitive areas by reviewing and recommending specialized techniques and construction equipment, and at times, stepping up and saying “there is a better way to do this”. In today’s time sensitive and complicated procurements, owners and designers alike need candid constructability advice from construction professionals who tell it like it is yet understand the sense of urgency and the need for environmental approvals.

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